Time Saving Food Prep Tips

  • Shop at farmer’s markets to purchase local produce in season
  • Make a shopping list, grouping like items together (if you know the layout of your local store, list items in the order that you walk around the store)
  • Wash vegetables and produce before storing
  • Make soups, stews porridges in crockpot overnight or during the day while away
  • Bake or roast meats, vegetables in oven for ease, will nourish you deeply
  • Take a couple of hours each week to make soups or stews, casseroles in large quantities, to last you days or freeze serving size portions that can thaw in the frig while you are out and about ready to heat (no microwaves:  carcinogenic) upon return
  • Use a wide mouth thermos to keep foods warm for you until mealtime when you are away from home
  • Keep cutlery sharp and kitchen and equipment clean, ready for use, dishes washed
  • Cook with friends or family members on occasion and learn from one another