Breast Wellness Self Care


Self-Breast Wellness Massage
and Qi Gong for Women

Date: To Be Announced

By releasing tensions and emotional charges from the breasts, women have found new freedom and strength on a deeply personal level, knowing their breast tissue is vibrant and healthy. Experience greater life-force power and feel enjoyment in your appearance after gifting yourself a one-hour breast massage.

Overcome your fears of exploring your breast tissue!

Self-breast massage:  Learn to understand the texture of your unique breast tissue and extend your loving care and qi. Become more aware and open-hearted as you learn to massage your breasts, reducing stagnation, pain, discomfort and emotions.

Restore vibrancy!

No prior experience required: preformed clothed & braless or bare-breasted

Learn to:

  • explore your breast tissue without fear, as you come to understand the breasts’ healthy, different textures, anatomy
  • massage your breasts to increase lymphatic, fluid, blood, qi flow;   reduce cysts/accumulation, pain; release emotions
  • reduce the congestion of the breast tissue, ribs/chest and that of the pelvic girdle simultaneously
  • do qi gong to connect the energy of your hips and uterus with your breasts; open up your chest and pelvic floor, energize your reproductive organs
  • increase breath capacity                

You WILL look and feel younger!

Stephanie Wilger learned self-breast massage from Caryn Boyd Diel of the White Cloud Institute (WCI) and is a participant in the WCI 15 year breast wellness study.  Stephanie’s private healing practice is in Oakland,  CA where she offers breast wellness care.

Tuition:  Being Determined

For further info call  510-704-0120