Egg Drop Soup

Makes 2 cups


1 large vegetable bouillon cube (for 2 cups water)
1 egg:  well beaten

Crumble cube well.  Add to water; bring to a boil.  Make sure cube is dissolved.  Turn off heat.  Make sure water is still.  Dip fork tines into the egg and dip into the water.  DO NOT STIR.  Continue until all of the egg is in the pot.  Allow to rest 1 minute.  Stir as you spoon out each serving to get plenty of clouds in each bowl.


Grounding, calming, relaxes the nervous system.  Opens brachia, clears sinuses, moves fluids.  Energizes the mind and the eyes.  Aids:  Kidney, Liver, Gall Bladder, Stomach, Spleen.  Improves qi and blood circulation.  If your mind is agitated, make and consume this after work or before you retire for the evening, as it may help you to sleep….