Lima Beans with Beer Sauce

Servings: 4 – 6


1 cup lima beans
pick thru beans and discard :  discolored, winkled, broken beans

1 strip kombu seaweed, rinsed

Sauce:   whisk together:
3 Tblsp dark beer
1 Tblsp molasses
1 Tblsp maple syrup

Bring beans to a high boil. Skim off foam with a spoon and discard foam.  Add kombu seaweed. Turn heat down so beans simmer until they are done (45 – 60 minutes).  Check bean doneness by eating a bean periodically.  Do not overcook beans (the casing around the beans has broken and beans are mushy).   Drain and rinse beans.  Place in a bowl.

Chop kombu and add to beans.  Add sauce, a bit of sea salt, stir well. (Boil sauce to evaporate alcohol of beer if alcohol sensitive – or substitute 1 -2 Tblsp of balsamic vinegar, thin with water as needed)


Aids the uterus and prostate, bringing a sense of grounding to the reproductive organs and pelvic girdle.  Relaxing and grounding.  Addresses tightness in the chest.  Relaxes jaw, brain, limbs.  Yin, Blood, Qi tonic.  Helps the Stomach and Spleen/Pancreas, Lungs.