Healthy Eating Habits

Eating for Enjoyment

  • Eat in a relaxing atmosphere, seated, do not be in a rush to eat a meal
  • Do nothing but eat:  no reading, no watching TV for best assimilation, nutrition
  • Eat each meal at a regular time/same time each day to establish healthy appetite
  • Fluids:  Drink water when you are thirsty, tea to relax with, have seasonal soups daily
  • Carry water with you:  purified
  • Drink a minimum of liquids with meals, so digestive juices remain undiluted/strong
  • Eat balanced meals of 25-30% protein, 50-60% vegetables, 10-25% starches
  • Have protein with each meal to build and repair tissues
  • Eat breakfast before 10am, avoid cold, raw foods, as they reduce your digestive fire Fruits eaten alone (or 1 hour before or after a meal), cooked if assimilation is weak
  • Do not eat late at night.  Last meal finished by 7pm for better assimilation
  • Eating in daylight enhances assimilation.  Eat outside whenever you can.
  • Eat organic, hormone free whole foods, seasonal foods, locally produced foods
  • Chew each mouthful well, until it is liquid in your mouth, head bowed a bit forward.  Take smaller bites of food so teeth and tongue can do their job.

Put fork/spoon down between mouthfuls to focus on chewing and not feeding.

You will find you eat less, yet are more satisfied, nourished:  increased assimilation.

  • Have health-enhancing snacks on hand, carry with you as leave home or work.

Refrain from “power” type bars:  very high in sugars.

Eat:  soaked in water overnight and drained nuts and seeds; sardines, piece of fruit, tuna salad, yogurt with nuts and or fruit; avocado, vegetable (carrot) sticks, etc.

!! Refrain from eating nut-butters on a daily basis:  very difficult to digest!! Use them, thinned with water or broth, in sauces to go over vegetables or add a spoonful to soup

  • Do abdominal massage daily to enhance organ functions  (see Healing Exercises), or rub your bare abdominal skin quickly in a circular motion, clockwise, 36 times

Walk around the block after a meal to help assimilation