Chi Nei Tsang 2 Day Workshop

Calm Yourself and Others with Chi Nei Tsang + Chi Gong

January 26-27, 2019     9:30a – 5p each day
1533 Shattuck, Harmony Yoga Studio, Berkeley  

The content of this class will be developed by the participating students.

What do you wish to learn; what CNT do you want to explore? I am at your disposal. This is YOUR class. I want to help you adjust to personal and outside yourself changes in these quickly changing times, to strengthen and heal.


  • work with the back/spine to help your nervous system adapt to change, to address past history, ancestors, creating calm
  • examine and understand the structure of specific body functions working around the navel, bringing balance
  • work with pathways of the body/internal organs to release emotional content and increase energy
  • balance the brain’s function for mental clarity
  • balance the endocrine organs manually to aid hormone function
  • clear the pelvic girdle to enhance personal freedom and joy
  • reposition prolapsed organs: uterus, bladder
  • work with the energetic portals around the dan tien for deep healing
  • abate the feelings of anxiety and fear and their impact on digestion by assessing specific internal organs, structures
  • normalize structural shifts caused by feelings of abandonment, deep sorrow with focus on the ribcage, heart and blood flow
  • balance the misalignments of the body and clear the meridians via the fingers and toes
  • better sleep quality and digestion

Stephanie Wilger is a Certified Advanced CNT Instructor. She has studied with Gilles Marin: Chi Nei Tsang Institute, Caryn Diel: White Cloud Institute, Juan Li and Master Mantak Chia. Stephanie has also studied Chinese Shamanic Qi Gong and Tai Ji with Master Zhongxian Wu, Nei Gong and Feng Shui with Master Liu Ming, Da Yan Qi Gong with Master Hui Liu, Tai Ji with Dr Yang Yang of New York.

Tuition: $300. Pay $150 by Dec 15 to secure classroom + $150 by Jan 15.
Make check to: Health Happens, 3515 Grand Avenue, Oakland CA 94610

For further info: Stephanie at 510-704-0120

Class interests outlined and submitted by January 15 at