Fennel Soup with Lemon Zest and Olive Oil

Fennel Soup with Lemon Zest and Olive Oil
Serves  6 – 8


4 cups of water in soup pot, salted

1 whole  fresh fennel bulb with fronds:  chopped  (yields 4 cups)

zest of one lemon

1-2  Tblsp FRESH virgin olive oil (Calolea Brand www.calolea.com 530-749-1240)

Monterey Market 1550 Hopkins St, Berkeley, CA 94707  (510) 526-6042

Bring salted water to a boil add chopped fennel.  Simmer 12 minutes. Place in blender.  Add lemon zest and olive oil.  Blend.   One half of a cup is plenty to begin with.

Serve soup warm.


Very cleansing:  aids bile flow and bowel motility, sending energy downward.  Assists Gallbladder function which in turn aids the Heart’s performance (I feel the recipe working in the valves of the Heart and then the muscle and nerves of the Heart.)  Very grounding:  a strong energetic arises in the hands and feet fortifying them.  Aids the Liver as well as the back and lower regions of the brain and the eyes.  Eases inflammation.  Increases energy to the reproductive organs.