Lentils with Roasted Sweet Pepper

Lentils with Roasted Sweet Pepper, Parsley


At night:

1/2 cup beluga lentils (black lentils)

    • pick thru beans and discard :  discolored, winkled, broken beans
    • soak overnight in plenty of water

In the morning:  discard water.  In a pot:  over beans with fresh water.  Bring water to boil. Turn off heat.  Cover and leave on the same burner until water cools (a couple of hours). Check bean doneness by eating a bean.  Beans are overcooked if casing around the beans has broken and beans are mushy.   Drain and rinse beans.  Place in a bowl.

1 sweet bell pepper:  rinse, dry.

Roasting:  Separate the pepper along its “seams.”  Discard seeds and stem.  Break pepper with hands so segment of pepper lies flat.  Turn on burner flame.  Rest pepper on tines of burner.  Allow each side to char and blister.  Rub off a bit of the blackened skin if you like, for less of a roasted flavor.  Chop and add to bowl.

1/2 bunch parsley:  chop finely.  Add to beans and peppers
2 Medjool dates:  open date, remove pit, push surfaces into flour and chop finely
small portion of fresh lemon peel:  chop finely to equal 1 Tblsp.
Add salt and stir well.


This recipe helps to address the oldest areas of tension in the body, a virtual powerhouse of healing activity!  Helps to regulate the Stomach, Small Intestines, Liver, Kidneys/Bladder.  Sends energy to the Uterus/Prostate, Heart, organizing the 3 Burners (internal organs responsible for respiration, assimilation/digestion and elimination).  Grounding.  Moves fluids. Parsley and lemon are refreshing, fortifying, high in Vit C. The ash of the roasted peppers aids digestion, the dates, a sweet surprise.  This dish is a Yin and Blood tonic.