Egg Nog Cranberry Flan

9 servings
Bake in 9 inch pan for 1 hour at 350 degrees


In pot on stove, warm:

Mix well:
16 oz egg nog (organic)
(1 Tblsp honey or maple syrup : optional)

5 eggs lightly beaten                   

Mix well and remove from heat (do not cook, just warming ingredients up)

Place mixture in lightly greased 9” pan, filling pan half-way.

8 oz – 12 oz whole fresh cranberries :  cover surface with berries (they float)

Bake one hour at 350 degrees until golden on top

Great served warm or at room temperature.


This is a very nourishing dessert or special breakfast dish for the reproductive organs, Kidneys, Bladder, Heart, Lungs, Large Intestines and Stomach.  It is a Yin, Qi and Blood tonic.