Beef Melon Soup

Serves  6 – 8 (makes ½ gallon)


6 cups of water, salt
1 pound  beef stew meat
1 small very RIPE melon :  peel skin off, remove seeds and cut into 6ths or 8ths

Chinese Herbs:
1 Tblsp dry Mandarin orange peel (Chen Pi : citrus reticulata)
1 oz wild asparagus root (Tien Meng Dong: asparagus incidus)
18 dry red dates (Hong Zao)
3 pieces of Milk Vetch (Huang Qi: astragalus spp.)

Salt wash beef pieces.  Rinse well with running water.  Rinse the Chinese herbs.  Put 6 cups of water in a crockpot and set to LOW.  Add the beef first, then the melon, then the herbs.  Push the herbs under the water so they get wet (some will float—this is fine).  Soup is done in 6 hours.  Place a bit of each ingredient in a bowl, cutting the melon with the edge of the serving soup.  You may cut up the meat too if you wish using a knife. Serve immediately. YUM!!


Very refreshing and light, this soup works directly with the Heart function, as if actual repair is being done within the Heart, perhaps “cooling” an overactive heart.  Moves fluids.  VERY relaxing.  Sends energy slowly and evenly to the extremities.  Balances brain function.  Calms Stomach and Spleen/Pancreas.  Assists Small Intestines and Gall Bladder, common bile duct.  Aids digestion.  Strengthening.