Fibroid Reduction

Open energy to pelvic girdle

  • Sit comfortably cross-legged.
  • Cross arms and place fingertips of right hand on left upper most calf and fingertips of left hand on right upper most calf, index fingers on outer edge of calf, fibula bone beneath fingertips.
  • Hold 20 minutes/daily.

Release tumorous growths

  1. Right fingertips on left outer edge of shoulder blade.
    Right thumb in middle of armpit.
    Left thumb tip holds left ring and little fingertips.
  2. (Right hand stays)
    Left fingertips on left mid neck near spine.
  3. (Right hand stays)
    Left fingertips on lower edge of right cheekbone.
  4. (Right hand stays)
    Left fingertips on right elbow area—on top, past crease of arm.
  5. (Right hand stays)
    Left fingertips on left torso where leg attaches to torso just inside pelvic bone, index finger on pubic bone.

Place hands in positions and hold each position 5 minutes, (left hand moves to each position). Do once per day.

Lift off fibroids

Place left palm over fibroid area and right palm on back of left hand, palms aligned.
20 minutes 2 times per day morning and evening.

Using a cloth saturated with warm castor oil aids the process. Fill a hot water bottle 1/2 full with hot water and squeeze out air from the bottle. Close bottle. Put in a plastic bag. Place over the castor oil cloth that is on top of the fibroid. Now place your hands on top of the hot water bottle as above, palms aligned with the fibroid. Breath deeply into this area. Where there is breath, there is harmony. If you use the oil, do once per day.