Celery Rice for Assimilation


1 cup  rice
3 cups water
3 ribs celery:  chopped into small pieces (diced):  divide amount in half

Rinse rice.  Drain.  Bring water to a boil. Salt water lightly with natural sea salt.  Add rice. Add half of the celery, stir.  Bring water to a boil.  Reduce heat so that the water is simmering.  Cook rice the number of minutes needed for rice to become tender (note instructions on the store’s rice bin or rice packaging).  When water is absorbed, add the other half of chopped celery and mix in.  Turn burner off.  Replace lid allow fresh celery to “cook” a bit before serving.


Promotes downward movement of qi, stimulating sigmoid and descending colon.  Astringent at first, but then lubricates, mouth, moistening internal organs.  Clears lungs and sinuses.  Moves qi to the extremities.  Clears all 3 jiaos (digestive areas/organs of torso) from top to bottom.  Helps to move damp heat.  Nourishes the blood. Supports the areas of the body that have a history of needing help/healing. Eliminates nausea and light-headedness. Removes toxicity:  great for recovering from chemotherapy, pain.

To aid digestion/assimilation which allows one to balance body weight, digestive system:

Eat 1/4-1/2 cup of rice with EACH of your 3 daily meals.

Take a mouthful of rice and chew it well between well-chewed mouthfuls of what you are eating at your meal.  This method of eating, allows better assimilation as the rice, which is easy to digest is mixed in with your entire meal.  The body breaks down the other foods more evenly, because the rice is present.

A) This recipe will help you to lose weight

B) or gain weight if you are underweight

when you eat animal protein in bone broths, soups and/or stews.  Baking root vegetables will also help to deeply nourish you.  No raw foods, no processed foods, no hydrogenated oils, nut butters, no fried foods, no caffeine:  these are too difficult to digest when the digestive system is weak.

C)   This recipe will help you naturally curb your appetite for sugary and/or refined carbohydrate treats. This recipe composed of rice, a staple food, when eaten daily in 1/4 – 1/2 cup servings, allows one’s healthy appetite to appear.

With Beet Stems instead of celery

Great for the prostate and uterus, ovaries (I assume testicles).   Improves Qi circulation, sending energy to the legs, feet, arms and hands.  Opens the throat. Energizes Heart and Lung function.  Assists the energy of the back.