Buckwheat with Yam and Figs


2.5 cups water
1 cup buckwheat
dry figs :  chopped
1 cup of grated yam (I used the Okinawa, found at Berkeley Bowl)

Mix above:  cook on stovetop:  bring water to a boil, add dry ingredients and simmer covered for 20 minutes.  (Check water level as you cook; add more if needed.)  Turn off heating element.   Allow pot to sit for 10 minutes.  Serve warm.


Yin, Qi, Blood tonic. Aids the nervous system.  Increases energy to the brain, reproductive organs, Bladder and Kidneys, extremities, Heart, Lung, Stomach and Spleen/Pancreas, Large Intestines. Moves fluids.  Helps to remove damp conditions and toxins.  Clears sinuses.