Healing Technique
Animals I can’t believe how that tumor disappeared–I don’t know what you did. I am so very grateful I found you. I had no idea you worked with cats. I remember you saying that animals don’t have the mental thoughts around their diseases and that’s why things let go more easily than in humans. That’s what I tell my friends as they can’t believe it either.


Breast Wellness May I express my deepest thanks and gratitude for the amazing session. I bow to the way you incorporate sacredness and safeness into your healing practice.
It was an honor and a pleasure to experience the gems of your talents, as it was an incredibly enjoyable and profound experience for me. Thank you so much!


Chi Nei Tsang I wish I would have gotten to you a lot sooner. I had no idea that in one treatment, my irritable bowel and sciatic pain could go away and stay away. I like how you led me on a three-dimensional tour of my body. I could feel what you were doing. I could feel my organs change. Breathing was SO much easier. I felt more grounded. My feet actually touched the floor in a more solid way. Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Nutritional Guidance For most of my adult life, I’ve been a reluctant cook and a perfunctory provider of family meals. Suddenly, after two wonderful, all-day cooking classes at Stephanie Wilger’s, I’ve been transformed into an enthusiastic shopper and chopper of seasonal vegetables and fruits, a slow cooker aficionado, a chef who approaches her kitchen with a loving heart, and an eager menu planner with a beautiful array of glass storage jars filled with grains, beans, seeds and nuts. Not only did Stephanie teach me how to cook nutritionally for optimal health, but how to organize my life and kitchen in ways that make it all seem effortless.