Energetics of Food

Food is life: plant, animal, mineral, water.  Each is imbued with its unique life force energy, gathered as it formed, from the land, the cosmos, the soil, water—its environment.  Digestion may begin with the thought of food, the sight of food, the smell of food or the taste of food.  At this point, the alchemy commences: you begin to nourish yourself, sustain and maintain yourself.

With the swallowing of that first mouthful of food or liquid, your body feels the essence of the food’s life force energetically in its meridian system, affecting organs and tissues directly.  Some people are physically aware of this, others are not.  Yet when you make your own food choice, you feel a sense of satisfaction as you eagerly chew your food or drink your nourishment.

The energetics of foods are felt in the body perhaps as warmth, comfort, satisfaction, coolness, spiciness or discontent. It is a combination of the type of food eaten and mixture of feelings as to who you are, right here and now, what you need and the digestive capability of your body to breakdown, assimilate (absorb), store and evacuate foodstuffs.

Diet changes according to the environment you live in (winterish or tropical), the available harvest, the seasons, the time of day (meal) or how hungry you are and how close food is at hand, prepared.

Your body knows what foods it needs and directs you in food choices, food preparation and when to eat.  Instinctual, intuitive, knowing are you, wanting to comfort yourself with food. By simply eating foods that grow during particular times of the year, you are helping your body meet and adjust to seasonal changes (see California Seasonal Produce).

I began feeling energetic pathways opening and being nourished as my tissues and organs became calm or energized when studying cooking with Chinese herbs and the energetics of foods with Nam Singh, master chef and Daoist priest, in San Francisco. From then on, I selected particular foods and Chinese herbs to augment my health needs recording the ingredients of the dishes I made.  Preparing foods to support the body’s immune system and organs, blood quality and energy, I now teach cooking classes of my own.  Please see the recipe section of this site.

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Bon appetite!