King Oyster Mushrooms with Lotus Seeds


Soak 1/2 cup lotus seeds (nelumbo nucifera)  Lian zi overnight.

Wash king oyster mushrooms to remove dirt:  chop

1 bunch fresh  parsley:  minced

2 Tblsp butter

In a heavy skillet: melt butter, add mushrooms and chopped lotus seeds.  Simmer until tender.  Add parsley and simmer one to two minutes.  Serve immediately.


The most nutrients in mushrooms are found in the stem and king oyster mushrooms are champions in stem size and nutrition. Aids immune system and endocrine systems, promotes healing, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.  Detoxifies.  Strengthens Stomach, Small and Larger Intestines, Lungs.  Balances Heart-fire and Kidney-water.  Vitalizes the Kidneys, chi and blood circulation. Reduces frequent urination, diarrhea.   Improves Liver function.  Protects from overwork and exhaustion.

Medicinal Characteristics of King Oyster Mushrooms:

As well as many other species of Pleurotus, the King Oyster mushroom benefits the liver function and helps regulate gastrointestinal disorders. The large amount of proteins that this mushroom contains helps prevent hypocholesterolemia, reduces arterial pressure and activates the immune system functions. Research carried out on mice suggests that the King Oyster mushroom also contains antitumoral characteristics.

Other characteristics:

  • Important source of proteins
  • High levels of Selenium (Se) and Zinc (Zn), essential minerals needed for growth and organism (body) maintenance
  • High level of vitamins B, particularly riboflavin, niacin and folic acid (also known as Vitamin M); rare in other foods
  • No presence of saturated fats
  • Generates Lovastatin, a member of the drug class statins, used for lowering and controlling cholesterol levels
  • Prevents colon cancer (colorectal cancer)
  • Prevents gastrointestinal disorders