Lamb Shank Soup with Yam, Celery Root, Barley

6 servings


1 lamb shank (usually about a pound) (leave in one piece) salt washed and rinsed well
one 8 oz purple yam  (or other yam)
1 cup of chopped celery root
½ cup purple prairie barley (or other barley)
12 dry shitaki mushrooms
1 oz Dangshen: (codonopsis spp.)
2 strips Astragalus (huang chi)
6 cups water

In crockpot on low for 7 – 8 hours:  place 6 cups of water, lamb, mushrooms, rinsed herbs, vegetables, grain.  After cooking, slice lamb into bite size pieces and return to broth.  (OR simmer these ingredients for 2 hours on stovetop in soup.)  Serve warm.


Very grounding. Moves fluids, helps to clear sinuses.  Moves energy to the extremities.  Clears mental fog, relaxes the brain and opens the Heart. Energizes endocrine organs. Relaxes muscular tension, jaw.  Aids the Lung (clearing), relaxes the Kidneys/Adrenals, Liver.  Opens the Stomach, “cradles” the Spleen/Pancreas.  Harmonies shoulder and hip girdle and the reproductive organs therein.

Astragalus (huang chi):  Increases the  number of white blood cells, improving immune system.  Regulates blood pressure.  Strengthens one’s protective energy (wei qi).  Lung and blood tonic.  Helps to regulate fluids to reduce bloating and edema.  Aids proper sugar metabolism.

Dangshen: (codonopsis spp.)   Tonifies vital energy and is wonderful acting on the Spleen/Pancreas, regulating metabolism, as well as the Lungs to clear mucus.  Toughens bones and muscles.  Has hormone like properties (as does ginseng, but unlike ginseng can be used year round in soups) which help to regulate hormones.  Stimulates production of blood, strengthens the blood, detoxifying the blood so the skin can be radiant and smooth. Has a naturally sweet taste.  Helps produce milk.  Aids those with stiff neck and shoulders, headaches, high blood pressure, glaucoma, abates anger.  WOW!!