Joint & Bone Healing Acceleration

(3 minutes each pair)

Hold pairs of digits (as shown below).

Grab toe first and then corresponding finger with remaining fingers of other hand. Example: grab R pinkie toe with L fingers and hold L thumb with R hand/fingers.

Move across the foot, toe after toe, holding corresponding finger. Do other foot and hand.

Gives energy to every single cell in body
Harmonizes emotions
Dissipates pain in joints, pain in body
Cuts healing time in half: broken bones, wounds, surgery, joints and ligaments

Hold pairs of digits

Cross your hands and place them over the opposite bare feet: these are the digit pairs:

  • Right pinky toe is held with Left Thumb
  • R ring toe is held with L index finger
  • hold each middle digit of hand and foot
  • hold R index toe with L ring finger
  • hold R big toe with L pinky finger

Do the same with the Left toes and Right fingers.