Healing with the Jade Egg

Radio Interview 5/17/16 :  Healing with the Jade Egg

Stephanie Wilger, NC, on “Right On Time Dating!” with host Ronnie Joy, The Midlife Dating Coach.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Orizon Center for Life & Creation Megala Horafia, Souda 730 03

Island of Crete, Greece

The jade egg is a beautiful healing tool to help you become intimately aware of your unique sensuality and sexuality.

With the egg as your guide, explore your current emotional terrain. The jade egg heals first emotionally, then physically, bringing greater life force to the reproductive organs, pelvic floor, you!

The possibilities for personal growth, protection, strength, healing trauma, being savvy in relationship, increased reproductive health, build with regular (weekly) use.

No prior experience required: Set of 3 Jade Eggs included 

Bring :  Long skirt or sorong


  • qi gong, breathing to open your pelvic floor
  • to remove emotional charges from your reproductive organs
  • to restore emotional balance with healing sounds and color
  • reposition your uterus (if tipped) for greater comfort with the jade egg
  • the gentle and profound movements of jade egg use
  • to utilize your sexual reflexology for deep healing with the egg

                                                 You WILL look and feel younger!

“My jade egg practice was indispensable as I transitioned into menopause to keep my tissues healthy and strong! I have a private healing practice in Oakland, California, USA where I support women and their reproductive organ health.” Stephanie Wilger

Tuition $205 USD : includes set of 3 Jade Eggs : Sm, Med, and Large

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