Casa de Claudia Kraut

(3 days to ferment)


1 c of celery  chopped finely
5-6  carrots to = 5 cups shredded
½ c  fennel fronds  chopped finely
1 Tblsp seaweed – dry  crushed
1 Tblsp black sesame seeds

2 Tblsp of natural sea salt – large crystal


Celery keeps you sharp witted to choose fearlessly.  Carrots are for increased curiosity and consistency.  Fennel fronds are for feeling your way confidently into the familiar and unfamiliar.  Seaweed is for going with the flow, not against it.  Black sesame seeds give you the ability to see little specks on your horizon, and to know that they are there for a reason, that they are not blight.  If their movements are followed closely, they will assist you in ways unimagined to realize your purpose and fulfill your destiny.  Salt is to keep you ever young at heart.

Fermenting the vegetables:

  1. Mix recipe ingredients in non-breakable bowl.
  2. Pound with:  a) the bottom of a heavy-duty glass jar, or b) pestle, or c)  the top end of the head of a kitchen mallet/hammer until mixture sounds wet and juicy.   (about 5 minutes)
  3. Pack tightly into a large-mouth jar.  Mixture is to be 1 inch from jar top (expands when ferments), with water up to the lip.  (If you do not add water:  mixture may mold.)
  4. Screw on lid. Place jar in flat bottom bowl in consistently warm area of home, for 3 days.
  5. Each morning:  Make sure to check the top of mixture for any discolored (oxidized) vegetable matter.  Remove with spoon, and add more water to top of jar.
  6. Refrigerate after 72 hours. Serving:  2 Tblsp before each meal.

Makes 4 cups naturally fermented vegetables with lactobacilli (beneficial intestinal bacteria).