Breath Capacity Expansion

Aids: digestion of foods, emotions, thoughts; Liver; Gall Bladder; Spleen/Pancreas; Stomach; breath expansion; stress reduction; diaphragm

This exercise is done seated or standing:  standing gives a better stretch to entire body.

One movement for one INHALE:

Hand position:  cross arms with hands holding the lower portion of each side of the rib cage.  Hold firmly without creating tension in the hands, arms or shoulders.

Stance:  legs under your body, feet parallel, knees slightly bent, jaw dropped.

Begin one full inhale by moving the lower arm to your side at your outer thigh and moving your arm fully extended up from the side of your body until the hand is reaching for the sky.

Hand position:  palm is facing the sky over your head, fingers together, pointing toward the opposite side of your body, slight bend in elbow.

Three movement EXHALE:

  1. Exhale with a “HA”  as you push your hand to the sky, jaw dropped, relaxed.
  2. Continue the exhale as the arm moves down, fully extended at the side of your body.
  3. Cross arm under the other arm.
  4. Place hand at lower rib cage and give a little squeeze to get the last bit of air out.

STAY RELAXED when you do this part.

Continue the above with the other arm.

The lifting and lowering of the arm from the rib cage and back to the rib cage is one count.

Do this exercise for 21  counts once per day or before and after each meal for a count of 7 each session if you have digestive problems.

  • Place your fingertips at the side of your head at the “corners of your head” (count to 5)
  • Place both sets of fingertips side by side on the center of occipital ridge (bottom of your skull) (count to 5)

Repeat 2 more times

This is an exercise passed down in mainland China within the family from healer to healer. It is part of daily health care and is usually applied to oneself but is very helpful when applied to others