Marinated Pork Roll

Marinade for Pork Roll   (1 pound)
Bake:  350 degrees for 1 hour


One Tablespoon each of :  Ponzu, Pomegranate Concentrated Juice, Rice Vinegar, Sake, Sesame Oil, Tamari (wheat free)


Salt wash pork roll, rinsing well under running water.  Mix marinade.  Place pork roll in pan to fit roll.  Bathe pork roll in marinade.  Place pan with roll in the fridge, turning roll occasionally so all “sides” of roll receive marinade.

Let roll bathe for:  3 – 24  hours.  Bake at 350 degrees uncovered, for one hour.


Opens the Heart and breathing passages, Lungs.  Warming. Increases blood circulation and qi, nourishes the blood.  Grounding.  Aids Kidneys, Stomach and Spleen